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User risk intelligence is all about studying how users behave and what actions they take within digital environments.


The goal is to spot any potential security threats or vulnerabilities. By understanding how users interact with systems, data, and applications, we can identify any unusual or risky activities that might suggest malicious intent, compromised credentials, or accidental security breaches. This helps organisations to put in place specific security measures, provide better user training, and strengthen their overall cybersecurity defences. 

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Learn how to identify potential user threats.

Ensuring a safe user experience begins with understanding behaviour.

User Risk Intelligence

DTEX InTERCEPT™ is a user behaviour and risk intelligence monitoring solution that focuses on human intent and behaviour at its core. It brings together the capabilities of Insider Threat Management, User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Digital Forensics, and Behavioural Analysis in an easy-to-deploy cloud-native platform. 


Threat Intelligence in its Core

DTEX InTERCEPT™ helps to detect insider threats by monitoring user activity and identifying suspicious behavior.

Insider Threat Detection

DTEX InTERCEPT™ helps to prevent data exfiltration by monitoring and restricting the transfer of sensitive data from endpoints.

Data Loss Prevention

It is based on thousands of behavioural patterns mapped with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.


DTEX InTERCEPT™ integrates with threat intelligence feeds to provide organisations with real-time information about the latest threats.

Threat Intelligence

The ObserveIT platform is an advanced user session visual recording, investigation, and compliance tool that correlates user activity and data movement. It empowers security teams to identify user risk, protect from data loss, and accelerate incident response. Leveraging a modern architecture and lightweight endpoint agent design, ObserveIT delivers rapid time to value and proven capability to streamline insider threat programs. By continuously recording user activities and providing full video capture and playback of any policy violation, ObserveIT alerts IT and Security teams about sensitive user actions that may present the organisation with unwanted risk. This unparalleled visibility into risky user behavior reduces end-to-end investigation time from hours to minutes.

Observe IT

The Power of Context

Quickly understand user activity and data movement for high risk users to identify and proactively respond to potential insider risks and threat actors.

Identify User Risk

Leverage context to understand the who, what, where, when, why of alerts generated by ObserveIT or other security tools.

Accelerate Incident Response

Detect and respond to insider-led data loss with visibility into endpoint-based data exfiltration coupled with user activity context to support decision making.

Protect from Data Loss


SABASAI's User Risk Intelligence combines a rich history of expertise with customised solutions, predictive insights, and actionable recommendations, making it a trusted partner in mitigating user-related cybersecurity risks. 

Trusted Authority in Key Sectors
Actionable Recommendations for Mitigation
Predictive Insights for Proactive Security
Tailored Risk Management Solution Implementation
Proven Track Record in A-NZ Region
Deep Expertise in Human Behaviour and IT Security
  • With over 20 years of accumulated knowledge in both human behaviour and IT security, SABASAI brings a unique blend of insights to identify and mitigate user-related risks effectively.

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  • Operating in the Australia-New Zealand (A-NZ) region for over a decade, SABASAI has established itself as a trusted authority in user risk intelligence, serving the federal sector, financial institutions, and enterprises.

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  • SABASAI excels in deploying a personalised risk management solution, leveraging its extensive expertise to precisely identify behavioural anomalies and insider threats that are specific to the unique environment of each organisation.

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  • Our solution goes beyond detection by providing predictive insights, allowing organisations to proactively address potential insider risks before they escalate, enhancing overall cybersecurity. 

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    SABASAI's User Risk Intelligence doesn't stop at detection. We offer actionable recommendations based on identified risks, empowering organisations to take swift and effective measures to mitigate threats.

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    Recognised as an authority in user risk intelligence, SABASAI is well-known for its expertise within the federal sector, financial institutions, and enterprises, offering tailored solutions to address specific industry challenges.

Benefits and Differentiations

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Problems and Triggers

An uptick in concerns about internal security breaches, data leaks, or employee misconduct prompts the need for user risk intelligence to detect and mitigate insider risks.

Rising Insider Threats


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Observing erratic or unexpected user activities, such as accessing unauthorised areas or downloading large amounts of data, triggers the search for user risk intelligence to identify potential threats.

Unusual User Behaviour


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