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SABASAI specialises in delivering cutting-edge user and data risk intelligence solutions designed to empower our clients to make informed decisions quickly and reduce the impact of potential risks.


With over a decade of active experience, we've been a reliable ally to government agencies, financial institutions, and critical infrastructure companies. Our mission is to provide them with invaluable cyber-risk intelligence, allowing them to streamline their decision-making processes and decrease the overall impact of user and data-related risks.

Our services enhance visibility and control over a wide range of potential threats, including employee behaviour, human errors, and third-party access to critical corporate assets, intellectual property, infrastructure, and sensitive data. Choose SABASAI for unrivalled expertise in safeguarding your organisation's future.

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Your Trusted Partner for User and Data Risk Intelligence Solutions


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Sean Ofir

CEO and Managing Director

With a distinguished background in elite intelligence organisation, Sean Ofir is a seasoned professional specialising in human intelligence and human behaviour psychology. With over two decades of expertise, he has been instrumental in assisting organisations worldwide in effectively addressing the complex challenges associated with human risk.

Sean's unique skillset and extensive experience have made him a trusted resource in the field of human behaviour and risk mitigation. 


Sean's commitment to excellence and his deep understanding of human dynamics makes him a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of user and data risk management.

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Our Trusted Clients

More than a decade of proven experience, helping over 100 clients in Australia and internationally.

Some of the local organisations we have worked with include:

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