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Your Trusted Partner in

User and Data Risk Intelligence

Curated solutions and meticulously tailored using premium intelligence, cutting-edge technology, unique expertise, and out-of-the-box thinking.

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SABASAI specialises in providing user and data risk intelligence solutions

Our goal is to help our clients gaining the access to accurate intelligence for fast-track decision making to reduce user and data risk.

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Clarity of Problem

If you don’t know what the problem is, you can’t address it.


SABASAI’s user and data risk intelligence provides a precise view of the problem empowering informed and prioritised security measures. 

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When you see it, you can protect against it.


SABASAI’s user and data risk intelligence solution kit focus on visualise internal and external threats.

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Accurate Intelligence

When you know, you can act. 

SABASAI’s solution kit extracts reliable and precise information obtained through comprehensive aggregated data with contextual understanding for taking effective decisions. 

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Fast-Track Decisions

Time is critical.

SABASAI solution kit enables quick evaluation, prioritisation, and implementation of effective cybersecurity measures, saving crucial time in responding to fast-evolving threats. 

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Simplicity enhances comprehension.


Our tools exemplify "less is more" by simplifying complex cybersecurity insights and expediting decisions and actions. This leads to effective user and data risk mitigation with minimal effort required. 

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Risk Impact Reduction

Smart risk intelligence minimises the business impact.

By simplifying complexity and ensuring understanding, organisations proactively reduce risk impact and increase resiliency.

Our Methodology

Proven Results-Based Outcome

User Risk Intelligence

People are the most significant organisation asset but also its greatest risk.

We want to empower our clients with the access to accurate intelligence for fast-track decision making to reduce user and data business risk impact.

URI helps detect security threats and anomalies early, preventing breaches.

Protective Threat Detection

It identifies risky user behaviour, reducing insider threat risks.

Insider Threat Mitigation

URI ensures user activities align with data protection regulations.

Compliance Assurance

It minimises false alarms, enabling efficient threat response.

Reduced False Positives

URI improves user awareness and training programs for better cybersecurity.

Enhanced Security Training

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• Works Out-of-the-Box - 5 minutes to connect, with no user involvement and no installation.

• Indentifies Your Critical Info - Over 300 pre-trained categories identify your critical business assets.

• Know Your Risks - Uses contextual incident detection to cut through the noise and find real risks with 99% accuracy.

• Understands the nature of information created, downloaded, and shared.

• Detects ricks with 99% accuracy, avoiding costly false positives.

Cognni simplifies your work life:

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Data Risk Intelligence

Why organisations must consider data risk intelligence:

DRI helps spot data breaches early, allowing swift action to prevent or to mitigate them.

Early Threat Detection

It ensures compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, reducing regulatory risks.

Compliance Assurance

DRI identifies vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of data loss and reputational damage.

Data Loss Prevention

It helps uncover insider threats, preventing data breaches by trusted individuals.

Insider Threat Detection

DRI provides insights for smarter data protection strategies and cybersecurity investments, improving overall security and risk management.

Informed Decision Making

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Our Trusted Clients

More than a decade of proven experience, helping over 100 clients in Australia and internationally.

Some of the local organisations we have worked with include:

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