Why Organisations Fail to Judge Employee Access Correctly and Raise the Probability of Data Breach?

Guest Speaker
Ofir Cohen | Director & Cyber Security specialist

If there is no access... there is no business!!!

Every organisation must grant its employees and third-party access to its data and infrastructure to operate the business.

That access is a privilege to do what they are tasked to do...NOT what they CAN do!!!

In this session, we are excited to have Ofir Cohen, a director and cyber security specialist at Thales who will be discussing why organisations must authenticate users to verify that users can access to what they need and eliminate access privilege misuse.

Episode #11

Unlock The SECRET To Win The Battle Against Insider Risk


Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 10:00 AEDT

The Virtual Pub

Hosted by Boaz Fischer from CommsNet Group and Sean Ofir from SABASAI

Grab your favorite drink and join us ! This is going to be fun !

The Virtual Pub is where thought leaders, special matter experts and industry influencers meet to discuss the subject of Insider Risk​.