Our Services Include a Total Approach

Our holistic approach to Insider Threat Mitigation ensures that your organization is protected from all angles. Our process includes collaboration at all levels to ensure understanding to further minimize the risk of threat.

We take you through all aspects of strategic planing from identifying threats by identifying your technical vulnerabilities, business process gaps, management issues, and your ability to effectively integrate behavioral analytics into your threat assessment process.

We work with experts and focus on delivering our service on time, on budget and with satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Insider Threat specialists will help you to form the requires security framework, training, pre-assesment and post implementation fine tuning.

For our valued Resellers and Consultants partners

Resell our services and add a significant value to your offering

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SABASAI is pioneered in delivering a unique corporate cyber security approach by integrating best-of-breed solutions from top class vendors along with our own technical expertise and consultancy services. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, we are active across APAC with our strategic partners & alliances to address the fastest growing risk  - The Insider Threat.


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