See Who Is Targeting Your Organisation


Understand your risks. Protect your organisation.

When it comes to protect against external threats, gaining early knowledge can help in preventing business impact, reptuation damage and financial loss.

Any advantage you can gain over your cyber adversaries is worth having. External threat intelligence can help you identify new cyber threats early, but this intelligence is only useful if you know how you’re impacted and can act quickly. The first step in this journey is to find out if – and where – you’re exposed. SABASAI can provide you with an immediate visibility into how your organisation is being targeted based on assessing your domain for threats that lurk across the web including its darks sides.

How Does it Work?

We only use your corporate email address to identify your domain.

After we have done our research and scoured the clear and dark web we will provide you with a risk exposure report.

It will present with the organisation's tailored collection of data and threat insights related to :

  • Leaked Credentials and corporate documents

  • Fake domains and social media profiles

  • Infrstructure vulnerabilities

  • Hacking and criminal dark web forums

  • Threat actors per sector and much more