"Trust, But Verify" - Ronald Reagan


People are the biggest asset as well as the biggest risk. People bring with them different skills, knowledge, experience, contacts but also emotions, motives, goals and a dynamic behaviour that can change due to various circumstances. It takes only one rogue or a careless employee to put the business reputation and finance in risk by stealing information, sabotage or making fatal mistake.

We must start with the people!

What We Do


SABASAI focuses on the human factor as the most predominant source of cyber incidents and risk to an organisation.

While cyber threats are inevitable, we provides the technology to gain visibility into these threats and remediate them to minimize the impact on organisations. SABASAI is a market disruptive with its innovative approach to tackling cyber challenges.


Our business specialise in all aspects of threat intelligence management from training and education through building security frameworks and insider threat programs to on-site risk & vulnerability assessments, implementation and post fine tuning.  

Corporate Behavior Monitoring

What You Don’t Know About Your Business Users, Could Destroy You!

It's time to think about monitoring user behavior and gain the essential visibility and fill that gap  most of security solutions fail...
Workforce Productivity Optimization
"One in Five Waste at Least a Third of Their Work Day" --GetVOIP Survey
Understanding the statistics behind employees’ workplace habits is the key to identifying your most efficient employees,
boosting success and planning effectively...
Insider Threat Management
Detect-Deter-Disrupt people related risks
The greatest risk to any organisation today comes from within.
Yes, the insider – your trusted user.
It's time to think about strategic planning with proactive approach...

Whether privileged users are good or bad, they get  access  the organisation's sensitive applications, infrastructure and DATA.

Some activities may put the organisation in a RISK.



SABASAI is pioneered in delivering a unique corporate cyber security approach by integrating best-of-breed solutions from top class vendors along with our own technical expertise and consultancy services. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, we are active across APAC with our strategic partners & alliances to address the fastest growing risk  - The Insider Threat.


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Manage Insider Threats
Eliminate Business Risks

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